Mägede Talu

Welcome to Mägede Talu
(Farm of the Hills) on Hiiumaa!


On our website we want to give you an insight in photos and videos into the colorful and diverse summer life since the acquisition of the farm in November 2017. Many people from young to old have helped to awaken this place from its slumber, to maintain it and to rebuild some things.

The texts are the fruit of the winter reflections of what we have experienced. But they also contain our motives for the project, our plans and goals. They have developed piece by piece – (Estonian: tasapisi) – in the encounter with the nature of this place and the people.

Our thanks go to the many people and fortunate circumstances that have accompanied and supported our initiative in these turbulent times and pioneering beginnings.

We would especially like to thank Maarja Urb, our Estonian friend, designer of this website, photos and videos – suur aitäh, Maarja!



News 2023

Unfortunately, world events have meant that only a few guests from central Europe have come to visit us in the last three years. Nevertheless, we have continued to work on our project, slowly and steadily – “tasapisi” as it is called in Estonian. These special circumstances have opened us up even more to our surroundings, the neighbours, new Estonian friends and the language. Our regional network has become denser and more sustainable. Some things have been created this way in the last year (among others a new summer kitchen) and the garden and pastures have been enriched by 60 planted fruit trees and over 400 fruit bushes. The latest video gives a nice overview – in the truest sense of the word – of the new designs on the farm and in the garden.

Our most significant new impulse is the opening of the farm to people who want to develop the farm together with us! Whether as a year-round residence or for a summer retreat, we offer space for like-minded people with ideas, energy and a sense of community. We are open and excited about the encounters and
developments under these auspices! If you are interested or have questions in this direction, you can reach us via Facebook- Email: moving maegede@posteo.de- or the old-fashioned way via +49 1522 8318396.
In addition to continuing to build and cultivate the gardens, there will be a
number of courses and festivals on our farm. A preliminary overview:
  • At St John’s we plan to inaugurate a large wind harp at the entrance to the garden as part of a half-day LandArtseminar.
  • The German-Latvian permaculture designer Thomas Krüger will organise an introductory weekend in permaculture from 30.6- 2 July.
  • On the evening of 2 July there will be a performance by the Tsirkusetalu from Luidja.
  • 14 days later – on 16 July – we will take part in the national “Open Farm Day”.
We are also planning one-day herbal seminars in June and August. More detailed invitations are are currently being designed and will -tasapisi!- appear on our website 😉 In addition, a shorter or longer collaboration can be arranged via “workaway” and as a recognised permaculture practice location – or even directly!

With kind regards
Bea and Christian Wittekindt

Introduction to Permaculture

with Thomas Krüger
certified Permaculture Designer

30.06. - 02.07.23

Mägede Summer 2022

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