Plans 2021

What are plans in these times? They can be directional signposts, without us knowing how long it will take us to get there. And the future will also show which encounters and circumstances will open up other paths.

We are on the way!

With this in mind, we are planning the following for 2021:


  • Central is the creation of our gardens! We call them the “Gardens of the Future”, which will follow one another with different focal points (herbs, perennials, vegetables, wild fruit bushes) up to a large orchard. Future forms of climate-adapted, resource-conserving farming can be tested there. At the same time, they will serve as teaching gardens for future generations, who will be guests at seminars, workshops and practical courses at Mägede Talu. In addition, the therapeutic aspect as a healing garden plays a major role across generations.

  • For the purpose of financial support for this project, we are collecting funds on the crowdfunding platform “startnext”! More information, a video and a detailed garden plan can be found under the corresponding heading.

  • In the future, these gardens will also be an important basis for a four-week youth seminar that we want to organise and lead for the first time this year as a team with two young people – Uli and Michi. For personal and professional life orientation after school, we offer a varied programme for young people from the age of 18. More information under the heading “Youth Seminar”.

  • As in the past three years, we again offer the summer camp “Joyful summerwork” and a herbal and landscape therapy workshop with Kristin Peters.

  • Furthermore, the interior extension of the herbal workshop and the construction of a sauna with extended sanitary facilities are on the programme.

  • We also want to make the sense of community lived on the farm visible in the legal project structure. This summer we are striving to found a non-profit association. This will enable us, among other things, to cooperate with the neighbouring vocational school in Suuremoisa in horticultural and construction projects or to receive funding from foundations or EU funds.

Despite the stormy times, we hope for a good and fruitful year at Mägede Talu and look forward to every guest!


Bea and Christian Wittekindt